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BHP Coal's Broadmeadow Mine is one . of only a few punch longwall mines in Australia. This method makes use of abandoned open cut mine strips and drives gateroads directly into the seam at the base of the highwall, with no requirement for main entries. The longwall is then retreated towards the open cut and recovered just short of the


CASE STUDY ON LONGWALL MINING P. TAVITI NAIDU1, U.SUMAN 2, G. RANADHEER KUMAR, D. PRANEETH2, R. SHIVA KUMAR 2 ... Adriyala Mine is accessed by four Punch entries and one shaft. Two main fans of 400kw and 15,000 Cu.m/min and four booster fans of 75kw of 4,000 ...

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Punch Multi-slice Longwall Mining System for Thick Coal Seam under Weak Geological Conditions Takashi Sasaoka1, Akihiro Hamanaka1, Hideki Shimada1, Kikuo Matsui1, Nay Zar Lin2 and Budi Sulistianto3 1. Department of Earth Resources Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan 2. Mine Planning Section, Ministry of Mines, Nay Pyi Taw ...

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Punch longwall mining at Broadmeadow mine commenced in 2005 from Ramp 4 of the Goonyella Riverside Coal Mine, mining longwall blocks from east to west toward the highwall and sequencing them north to south (Figure 5). Longwall blocks 15 were recovered from this - …

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Some mines are fortunate enough to be able to carry some extra items of longwall gear and are able to install this on the new face in advance of the completion of the previous wall. This takes a lot of the pressure off the relocation process, but the extent to which extra gear can be purchased depends on a cost/benefit analysis for that particular mine.

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Rapid access longwall mining' or 'longwail punch mining' is a proposed extraction method whereby longwall gate roads are driven into a seam directly from an opencut highwall. The longwall panel thus formed is retreated back to within 40 m of the highwall providing an extremely simple, reliable and therefore highly productive longwall mining system.

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Longwall mining systems are capable of producing significant outputs from a single longwall face – 8 million tones per annum or more. When operating correctly the coal is mined in a systematic, relatively continuous and repetitive process which is ideal for strata control and for associated mining operations

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This report describes the results of ACARP research project C9007. The project was established to assist an innovative roadway development trial at Kenmare 2, South Blackwater Mine. A continuous highwall mining system (CHM) was used to develop the roadways for a proposed punch longwall operation at Kenmare 2.

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2008 Underground/ Longwall Mining Buyer’s JUNE Underground/Longwall Mining Issue 2008 BUYER’S GUIDE 45 t Burrell Mining Products Ph: 800/541-1575 Fax: 724/339-9880 2400 Low Coal Seam Longwall Mining Technology_HOT Mining_Serena

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Punch Longwall Mining This is a rather specialized type of mining which is only applicable where a seam is exposed at the highwall of an open cut mine which has reached the economic limit for open cut mining. It could also be applied where a seam has an extensive natural outcrop, but there are no instances of this in Australia known to the writer.

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@inproceedings{Sasaoka2016PunchML, title={Punch Multi-slice Longwall Mining System for Thick Coal Seam under Weak Geological Conditions}, author={Takashi Sasaoka and Akihiro Hamanaka and Hideki Shimada and Kikuo Matsui and Nay Zar Lin and Budi Sulistianto}, year={2016} } T. Sasaoka, A. Hamanaka, +3 authors B. Sulistianto; Published 28 January 2016

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The latest punch longwall articles from Mining Magazine - Page 1. Home; Surface mining. Development; Fleet; Technology / Innovation; Operational excellence; Geomechanics / Ground control; ... Meet the industry leaders who shape the Future of Mining in Australia register now. Future of Mining Americas. date: 26/09/2022 ...

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Longwall mining could further lead to making punch entry into coal-depleted opencast mines. "Punch entry will actually make holes in an opencast mine and could create a horizontal pathway to access underground coal in the opencast mine. Punch entry could be done through a mix of technologies, and CIL plans to identify and implement five such ...

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The Broadmeadow punch longwall proposal was conceived as early as the 1990s when options were investigated to start an underground on the Goonyella open cut lease. During mine feasibility stage, a trial adit was driven from the southern end of Goonyella's ramp 4 pit for a distance of 3.2 kilometres due east.

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Longwall mining activities alter the exsisting ground stress field, this changed stress field is known as induced stress. Extraction of coal by longwall mining induces a redistribution of stresses causing the rocks near the mining excavation to accomodate a redistributed load. Effective and efficient longwall mining is dictated by the […] Read More

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longwall mining Mining. a mining method in which very long rectangular blocks of coal are defined during the development stage of the mine and then extracted in a single continuous operation by an automated cutting head moving parallel to the coal face. When the coal is cut, the working area is protected by a movable, powered roof support system.

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Longwall mining of coal originated in the 1800s as a so-called 'hand-got' mining method (pick and shovel) using timber props with headboards as face support. ... Extent of punching of standing support into floor strata. Full size image. Hanson et al. ...