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First of all, you need to check the Iqama transfer status through the labor office service inquiry on Click on the link; There is no need to search for the English version as it has not been provided by the Ministry. نوع الخدمة: Select the option نقل خدمة عامل وافد. رقم إقامة العامل: Enter the ...

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Iqama Expiry Check 2022 – A Complete Guide for Expats

01 – Check Iqama Expiry Status 2022 via Absher: To check the IQAMA expiry status using ABHSER, you have to follow the below procedure. After choosing the person type, you can change language to your preferred language by using the in-built google feature. Now, click on the new user button to make a new account.

Check Iqama Huroob Status Online 2022 - Mol KSA

Iqama Huroob Check through Ministry of Interior Website Check Huroob Status Ministry of Labor Website – MOl KSA In this method, you can easily check your huroob status by following these steps through mol KSA. Step 1: First of all go to the Ministry of labour website from your mobile or laptop. Then follow the instruction in the below image.

Check Iqama Huroob Status Online on MOL & MOI (2022)

First of all, open the website of Ministry of Interior on your mobile, laptop, PC or any other device. The window shows you the box, you just type your iqama number. Then, enter the captcha code and click on the 'enter' option. If you get the message on this page, it means you are under Huroob status. If It shows the status of your company ...

Iqama Fund 2022- How to Check Iqama Funds Query? - My Iqama …

There are two different and easy methods to check the Iqama available funds 2022. MOI Absher web online Portal. MOI Offical mobile application. 1. MOI Absher web online Portal. In this method, you can easily check fund in iqama. Following are the steps which lead you to the public query available fund. In first step you just need to open ...


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يمكنك البحث بواحد او اكثر من مجموعات البحث التالية. رقم الحدود. رقم الإقامة. رقم الجواز. الجنسية. إختر جنسية. رمز التحقق. الموقع يدعم الإصدارات الأخيرة من: جميع الحقوق محفوظة لوزارة الموارد ...

Check Iqama Expiry Status Online 2022 Check at Mobile

Step-5: Click at " Query Iqama Expiry Service". Step-6: Enter your Iqama that you want to check at " Iqama Number", "Image Code" and hit " View". Step-7: You will get the Iqama Validity date at " Iqama is Valid" like 1441/06/13 in here. This date is in the Hijri calendar. Step-8: You can convert to the Gregorian.

Check Iqama Huroob Status - Ministry of Labor KSA. - Info Omni

First of All you have to visit the official website of Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia by clicking the link given below: gov sa. This is the same online service which you use to check your Kafeel Nitaqat Status, Click to check Iqama Red Green Status. This Service also allows you to check your final exit visa status, click to check exit ...

Check Iqama Transfer Status (Naqal Kafala) In 2022

Here is the step by step procedure of check iqama fees and nakal kafala fees by the Ministry of Labour's website. First of all, open the official website of the Ministry of Labour. Then, Click on نقل خدمة عامل وافد option in the menu. Now, you need to enter your 14-digit iqama number and fill the captcha code in the given boxes ...

Check Iqama Expiry Date Without Absher - My Iqama Status

2. Select language from the top of screen you can choose English or Arabic. 3. After language selection, enter your iqama number in the provided space and then enter your date of birth and provide the image code as seen in the picture and then click on the Next button. In a new page your iqama status is shown you will get your iqama expiry date ...

Iqama Huroob Status Check & Removal 2022

Check Huroob Status? Follow the below easy steps; Step – 1: First of all, go to MOL official website by clicking here MOL.GOV.SA. Step – 2: You will see a screen like below. Step – 3: Enter the Iqama Number as highlighted. Step – 4: Enter the Image Code. Step – 5: Now click on what is highlighted in a white square. The 'Behs'.

Check Saudi Arabia FINAL EXIT Visa Status (Khrooj) | Check Iqama

Click on E Services Tab and than go to Public Query of Exit Re Entry Visa Status. After that you will be redirected to page complete the fields with your Iqama number, Sponsor ID, picture code. On last Two boxes fill with either passport or Visa Number. The service is suitable for both indivituals and Family final exit visa status inquiry.


1. Select ENGLISH as language from the MOI website () and find Electronic Inquiries (top Menu) just beside Eservices. 2. Click on Electronic Inquiries, Select PASSPORTS (left side tab) and it will extend, find "Query Iqama Expiry Service". 3. Click on "QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE", Now you can see a web page with two input boxes. 4.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher - KSAEXPATS.COM

Enter your ten-digit " Iqama Number " or "Border Number" in the first field. Click on the " Date of Birth " field, then select "Hijri" or " Gregorian " calendar. Select your Birth Year, Month and Date. Enter the " Image Code " and click on the " Next " button to continue. On the next page, you will see your Iqama ...

Iqama Issuance - Muqeem - m. Y

Service channels 650.0 Service cost STEPS CUSTOMER SUPPORT Log in to the system. Choose (Electronic Transactions). Choose (Residence issue). Enter the boundary number. The system displays the resident and sponsor information. The system allows modifying the resident name, if necessary. Residence (Iqama) is issued.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online in 2022

If you want to know if your Iqama is expired, there are a few ways that you can check. One way is through the Ministry of Interior's Absher website. Another way to check iqama validity is with the Ministry of Labor ( MOL KSA) website. Additionally, you can also check your Iqama expiry on the Absher app.

How to check Iqama Color Status? Red/Green/Yellow

مستبعد = Excluded. Iqama Status Red/Green You can check the Nitaqat Status of your company or the Iqama color Red, Green, Yellow of your Kafeel through the Ministry of Labor website Requirement: Iqama number of an expat under Kafeel sponsorship.

Everything you need to know about the Iqama in Saudi Arabia

What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama, also known as the Muqeem, is a residence permit granted to expatriates arriving in Saudi Arabia on a work visa or a dependent visa. Iqama is required to open a new bank account in Saudi Arabia and to send money abroad. In Saudi Arabia, a valid iqama is also required to obtain a SIM card.


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Iqama System Violations & Penalties - MOI

Non-reporting for Iqama renewal prior to 3 days of its expiry without applicable reason • If the applicant's employer is an individual or private company or establishment, he shall be required to pay double the Iqama fees. • If the applicant is working for a governmental institute, the institute is responsible for submitting new Iqama and ...

Check Huroob Status On Iqama - 2022 | MyKSA

By this method, you can check iqama huroob with the help of iqama number within the minutes. The method uses mol KSA portal and in 2022, the procedure is as follows, The first step is visiting the Ministry of Labor's MOL Portal. Enter Iqama number in the "رقم الإقامة" field. Select the nationality from the " الجنسية ...

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يمكنك البحث بواحد او اكثر من مجموعات البحث التالية. رقم الحدود. رقم الإقامة. رقم الجواز. الجنسية. إختر جنسية. رمز التحقق. جميع الحقوق محفوظة لوزارة الموارد البشرية والتنمية الاجتماعية ...